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Is this you?

We have helped thousands of beginners and enthusiasts learn to take great pictures, and in that time, we've learned that certain types of people learn best with us. 

Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?


Passionate photographer

  • You are always the one who has the camera. In fact, everyone assumes during any family or fun outing that you will be the one who will take the photos.
  • You are never in any vacation photos. The family vacation memories are seen through your eyes. And that's the way you like it.
  • When you really get into a groove you hear the complaints... 
    • "How many pictures are you going to take of that?”
    • "Can we go now?"
    • "Geez. Do you think you took enough pictures?!" 


New camera owner

  • You just bought a fancy new camera, and you want to get the most out of it.
  • You aren't sure what all those buttons do, but you are sure that you could be awesome if you did.
  • You're tired of taking the same old pictures with your brand new camera.
  • You're secretly embarrassed that you are probably only using $200 worth of your $1,000 camera.
  • You tried reading books and watching Youtube videos, but you still are a little confused.


Ready to get better

  • You see a great shot in your head, but when you take the picture, it never looks the same.
  • You take 100 shots and get a few good ones, but it is mostly by chance. You'd like to be more deliberate about making great pictures.
  • Your pictures are too dark or too bright, but you aren't sure why.
  • People tell you that you have a good eye for photography. You think you do okay, but would love to get better.
  • You have been teaching yourself online and getting decent results. You know you can get much better with some expert help.
  • You just retired and are ready to get serious about your photography.


Back from a break

  • You took photography classes a long time ago when you were in school. You just decided to get into it again. Now you need to relearn the basics.
  • Your parents were photographers. You grew up with cameras and learned from them. Now it's time to step out on your own.
  • You used to shoot film cameras a long time ago. You just rediscovered photography with digital, and you are energized.

If you found yourself nodding during any of those profiles, you are likely the type who will thrive in our environment. 

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