Learn Your DSLR II - Composition & Creativity

Your path to great pictures often starts when you master rules for effective composition and progresses when you teach yourself to see creatively. In the PhotoTour DC Composition & Creativity Photo Tour, we move beyond basic composition rules to give you a more comprehensive set of tools to create memorable images.  

You will learn:

• How to arrange elements in the frame for maximum impact;

• How to use the way your camera sees for better composition;

• A four-step decision process to help you find better creative options;

• What exercises stimulate your imagination for more creative photographs; and

• Composition techniques to help you see potential in every situation.

You will leave the workshop with tools you can use to improve your photography immediately and help you bring your images to life. 


More benefits:

• Maximum instructor to student ration of 1:10

• Individual coaching as you work on the techniques

• E-book after photo tour with the principles covered during instruction


Bundle Learn Your DSLR I & Learn Your DSLR 2 - Take both classes for a half-day workshop and a $39 savings.