Learn Your DSLR I - Exposure & Shooting Modes

Learn Your DSLR I is a photography workshop on essential skills of great photography. Our focus in part 1 will be on exposure and metering. We will also start with a brief introduction to your DSLR.

This will be a workshop with instruction, opportunities for you to practice what we learned, and lots of feedback while you are shooting. Bring your cameras and your questions.


What you will learn:

• Anatomy of your camera - what do all those buttons do?

• How do choose the right shooting mode for any situation?

• How does your camera measure light, and how can you correct it when it is wrong?

• How do you use creative settings for portraits, landscapes, sports and other situations?


More benefits:

• Maximum instructor to student ration of 1:10

• Individual coaching as you work on the techniques

• E-book after photo tour with the principles covered during instruction

This 2-hour photo tour is ideal for a photography beginner to enthusiast.

It is limited to only 10 people, so everyone who attends can get lots of personal instruction.


Bundle Learn Your DSLR I & Learn Your DSLR 2 - Take both classes for a half-day workshop and a $39 savings.