Natural Light Macro Photography Workshop (Meetup event)

Natural Light Macro Photography Workshop (Meetup event)

Registration - $79.00

Learn to create stunning close-up images in our Natural Light Macro Photography workshop.

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens preserves a plethora of rare water lilies and lotuses in the cultivated ponds near the river. The park rangers tell me we should be able to see some in blossom in early June. Learn your macro photography skills and come back in late June for peak bloom season.

Here's what you will learn:

• How to select the right tools for your best workflow.

• How to choose the best subjects for macro work.

• How to compose your macro photos.

• How to use selective focus and depth of field to create more impact.

• How to find the best light. 

• How to work with less than ideal light.


Photography coaching as you practice:

As always, the group is kept small, so you have the opportunity for lots of feedback as you practice.


Remember to bring these tools if you have them:  
(Not necessary but helpful)

• Macro lenses

• Tripod

• Remote control

• Reflectors 

• Diffusers

• Backgrounds