Dupont Circle & The Art of Street Photography


From Henri Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moments to today’s mobile phone paparazzi postings, photographers have been finding art on the vibrant streets of our cities. Enter Dupont Circle, a cosmopolitan mix of historic homes, ethnic restaurants, art galleries...and best of all, an incredible diversity of people.

We will document life from the Samuel Francis DuPont Memorial Fountain and surrounding park, up Connecticut Avenue and through the historic neighborhood side streets. You can expect everything from musicians to chess players and maybe, a snowball fight. You never know what to expect or where our decisive moments will unfold.



  • How do you choose a good scene on a busy downtown street?
  • How do you get great shots in stealth mode?
  • What techniques can you use to break the ice and get portraits of strangers?
  • What are the steps for good storytelling of street scenes?
  • What composition techniques can you use for more impactful street pictures?
  • What are the legal and ethical considerations when photographing strangers?



  • Maximum instructor to student ration of 1:12
  • Individual coaching as you work on your techniques
  • Post your photos on our Alumni Blog

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