Moonlit Monuments Photo Tour


Learn night photography in Washington, DC

Washington might not have the reputation of the city that never sleeps, but as night falls, DC is awake, alive, and memorable in its own right. The majestic DC Icons stand peaceful and serene, bathed in a mixture of moonlight and the soft spotlights that illuminate them.

The monuments at night provide photography enthusiasts a perfect excursion to capture the other side of Washington. On our Moonlit Monuments Photo Tour, a professional photographer will lead you to DC's most memorable night time sights. 

In small groups, you will learn how to photograph each of the Monuments using natural light. 


What you will learn

  • How the camera captures exposure and why it doesn't work well at night;
  • What settings give you the best results and why they worked best;
  • How you override your camera to capture perfect exposure;
  • How to use your autofocus even in the dark; and
  • Composition ideas for great night photos.

I personally helped each person set up their camera. I was always close by to answer questions and show how they could use the principles themselves.

Your photo tour will begin at the haunting faces of the Korean War Memorial and continue in the majestic presence of the Lincoln Memorial. We will wander down to the World War II Memorial to explore the many ways to showcase its grandeur. 

Bring your Digital SLRs and tripods on this photo tour, as you will need the flexibility to capture the best of DC at night.


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