Anchors Aweigh in Annapolis Harbor


Annapolis is a quaint seaport town nestled on the Chesapeake Bay. The harbor is one of the more scenic parts of Maryland’s capital city and a favorite destination on sunny afternoons. For photographers, the Annapolis Harbor offers awealth of abstract opportunities — anchors and rope, ship’s sails and statues.

Annapolis is also home to many buildings of historic and architectural significance. The State House and St. Anne’s Church sit on two circles, one higher than the other. From that vantage point, streets lined with homes, taverns and shops that date back the 18th century fan out like lines on a compass. A stone’s throw away, the U.S. Naval Academy continues a more than 160-year tradition of educating and commissioning Navy and Marine Corps officers.

You’ll find Annapolis to be a treasure trove of photo opportunities. The Annapolis photo tour will use the water views and elegant city design to teach you the basics of travel, architectural, and abstract photography. With the rich history, you will also journey from its nostalgic past to the present-day favorite of locals and tourists alike.


  • How to get off of Automatic setting
  • What do all the other shooting mode options mean?
  • How would you get perfect exposure?
  • What composition techniques can you use for more impactful pictures?
  • Tips for great travel photography pictures.
  • How do you capture memorable photos of people
  • How do you create impact with your photo?



  • Maximum instructor to student ration of 1:10
  • Individual coaching as you work on the techniques
  • E-book after photo tour with the principles covered during instruction
  • Post your photos on the Alumni Blog


  • $79 for the first photographer
  • $69 for the second and each other photographer who attends with you
  • $39 for each non photographer (no camera) who attends with you
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