The Blueprint for Marketing & Promotion

Photography business workshop series

Photography business workshop series

Do you have a business but no clients?

You have this great business based on your true passions or talents. Now it’s time to tell everyone about it.

How do you get your ideal client to notice or to even listen?

Today’s consumer has no shortage of options. Think about the last time you walked down the street, logged on to the Internet or watched TV. How many people interrupted you to tell you about something you could care less about?

We are bombarded with advertising and promotions. How will yours stand out?



  • You are busy with a lot of marketing activity that gets attention but no clients. Let’s face it, you can kill plenty of time collecting "Likes" and followers and have nothing to show for it. A marketing activity that doesn’t generate business is just activity. We aren’t in business for that.
  • You are busy with a lot of marketing activity, but you aren't seeing any response at all. You create your marketing material or launch a campaign and nothing happens. No calls, no customers, no feedback. Nothing. You keep reading stories of people who did they exact same thing you are doing and went from rags to riches, yet you get nothing. Something is wrong.
  • You do some marketing here and there. Some works. Some doesn't. You aren't exactly sure why. It’s frustrating because you don’t know where you should invest your time, money, and energy. There are so many marketing opportunities and they all seem to require a lot of you. How can you tell which ones are right for you?

You know there is a better way.



  • How to define and then find your ideal client?
  • What can you offer your client to make them want to purchase right away?
  • How can you attract more of your ideal clients and fewer tire kickers?
  • How will your client find you at the time they are ready to buy?
  • What social media platforms will work best for you?
  • How will you know if your efforts are working?



  • Half-day session with no more than eight attendees, so you always have personal instruction
  • Lessons, exercises and feedback to help you develop your own business. This is not theory. You will create your business.
  • Access to our private Google Plus account to continue learning with your peers and instructor. 

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