The Blueprint for Transitioning from Hobby to Business

Photography business workshop series

Photography business workshop series


You might be like many photographers who don’t realize it, but have a BINO - a business in name only. You called it a business, but it is still a hobby.

Just because you print business cards doesn’t mean you have a business. For instance, how many of these situations sound familiar?

  • You chase everyone as a potential customer and get no one as a client. 
  • You take every job thrown your way and end up hating the work because you are just a poor match with them.
  • You end up giving away your time or your photos just to get your name out there. Now you find it hard to make the transition. Why would people pay you for something you gave away for free?
  • You know there could be a business opportunity out there somewhere, you just aren’t sure what it could be.

If you found yourself nodding yes to any of those descriptions, you don’t have a business yet, you have a hobby. In our first workshop, we make the transition from hobbyist to business owner.



  • Do you have what it takes? Is the entrepreneur’s life right for you?
  • What are the 33 ways you can make money as a photographer?
  • What is your dream photography business and is it viable?
  • What process can you use to define the best market for your business?
  • What are the essential steps to launch your business?


This workshop also includes a portfolio review and DISC personality assessment. 

You will leave the workshop with a toolkit for a successful business launch.



  • Half-day session with no more than eight attendees, so you always have personal instruction
  • Lessons, exercises and feedback to help you develop your own business. This is not theory. You will create your business.
  • Access to our private Google Plus account to continue learning with your peers and instructor.

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