PhotoTour New Orleans


Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez is the New Orleans rallying cry for Let the Good Times Roll. A New Orleans Experience is a multi-sensory treat of sights & sounds, tastes & aroma. This is a city you feel. Your challenge - tell the story with your photography.

Our New Orleans Experience lets you capture the culture, history and energy of the Crescent City through a series of excursions that pair a photography instructor with a licensed local tour guide. This is a learning vacation like no other.

Our Weekend will consist of private photo tours that focus on the:

  • Distinct architecture of the French Quarter
  • History and influence of the music throughout the city
  • Unmistakable wildlife of the Alligator Swamplands
  • Picturesque decay of cemetery tombs
  • Majesty of historic plantations
  • Serenity of the Mississippi River at night
  • Allure of the famed St. Charles Street Cars

During our excursions, we will cover lessons that develop our skills in:

  • Architectural Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Storytelling and Photojournalism
  • Landscape & Nature Photography
  • People & Street Photography
  • Food Photography

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