About PhotoTour DC

PhotoTour DC is the Washington, DC, regions’ photography workshop and narrated walking tour experience. Aspiring and amateur photographers learn to take great photos while visiting the best vacation sights in the DC area.

We provide the opportunity for photographers to get personal and structured photography lessons and coaching to improve your skills. If you want to learn to take great pictures at favorite Washington, DC destinations, join our photo tours almost any weekend of the year.


PhotoTour DC was founded by second-generation photographer, Lynford Morton. Lynford grew up helping his dad develop pictures in their home darkroom, then worked as an assistant, and finally graduated to the second shooter on their assignments.

In college, Lynford studied photography as part of a public relations and journalism degree. Since then, he has built a body of work that includes event, weddings, photojournalism, portraits and lifestyle photography.

PhotoTour DC is also an outgrowth of Shutterbug Excursions, a photography club Lynford founded. The group provides a friendly atmosphere for photographers to gather and shoot scenic and interesting locations. The club quickly became a favorite of many photographers, with its membership growing to almost 400 shutterbugs in just one year.

It was on these tours that Lynford recognized a great number of the photographers sought someone to help teach them the basics of their cameras and principles of great photography -- in simple-to-understand terms lacking in many traditional photography classes.

Today, photographers can join Shutterbug Excursions for free outings with kindred spirits and PhotoTour DC for photography instruction and coaching.