10 Most Photographed Places on Earth

Mining data from 35 million Flickr photos, scientists at Cornell University made some surprising discoveries: Not only did the world’s most photographed cities (and the most captured landmark in each) emerge, but also so did the most common angles for shooting each place. So what do the results say about us as travelers? The findings suggest that through our cameras, we “vote” for our favorite places, things, and the best representation of them—and, by and large, we agree. We reached out to the researchers to see if the results had changed since the study was released in April 2009, and they crunched the numbers for us again—with a few exceptions (the Lincoln Memorial, for example, has replaced the Washington Monument as most photographed place in D.C.) not much had changed.
— Sarah O’Neill, Yahoo Travel

The Top 10

No. 1: New York

Landmark: Empire State Building

No. 2: London

Landmark: Trafalgar Square

No. 3: San Francisco

Landmark: Union Square

No. 4: Paris

Landmark: Eiffel Tower

No. 5: Los Angeles

Hollywood Walk of Fame

No. 6: Chicago

Landmark: Cloud Gate sculpture

No. 7: Washington, D.C.

Landmark: Lincoln Memorial

No. 8: Seattle

Landmark: Space Needle

No. 9: Rome

Landmark: Colosseum

No. 10: Amsterdam

Landmark: Dam Square

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