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DC is the 7th most photographed place on the planet?!

Cornell University researchers scoured 35 million photos on Flickr to find out who took the most photographs. They learned two interesting things about Washington, DC.

1. We are the 7th most photographed city on the planet (with the Lincoln Memorial being the most photographed location in DC).

2. Almost everyone took the same boring photos.

That’s where we can help. 


PhotoTour DC is the Washington DC region’s photography workshop that includes a sightseeing experience.

On our photo tours, a professional photographer will teach you the steps to great pictures during a walking workshop around the area’s monuments and landmarks.

You can expect small groups, knowledgable, attentive instructors, and a fun experience with other photographers just like you.

Let's rid the world of boring photos of Washington, DC.


Who gets a 98% approval rating in Washington?
PhotoTour DC!

The tour that gave me the finest portrait of the Mall, quite literally, was a masterful workshop/sightseeing hybrid offered by photojournalist Lynford Morton of Photo Tour DC... the class not only covered the basics of photography (F-stops, individual instruction on the workings of each participant’s camera, framing the subject, etc.) but got us all looking at the Mall in a new way.
— Pauline Frommer, creator of the award-winning Pauline Frommer’s Travel Guides series.

Of course our photo tours aren't for everyone.

We have helped thousands of beginners and enthusiasts learn to take great pictures, and in that time, we've learned that certain types of people learn best with us.

Is this you?