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Common Scenarios

What can you expect when you take a learning opportunity with PhotoTour DC?

I founded PhotoTour DC because I enjoy helping people discover the art of photography. The curriculum, classes, and expectations are all very personal to me. 

Here are some of my commitments to you when you join any PhotoTour DC photo tour.

Lynford Morton
PhotoTour DC


Expect to improve as you learn

You will find yourself shooting with more confidence. Once you understand how to be deliberate about what you shoot and how you photograph it, you will be able to make better decisions. You will begin to create rather than point and shoot.

My approach

Here is what you can expect with every class. 

  • We start with the photography principles. There will always be a formal lesson plan and discussion. 
  • Learn by doing. You get to practice right away. There's no better way to tell if understand the principles than by trying them yourself.
  • On-the-spot coaching. This is where the real learning occurs. Try the techniques and have a professional guide you to the next level of proficiency.
  • References to reinforce. You get an e-book after every class, reinforcing the lesson.

My guiding beliefs

No matter what class I teach, I am motivated by certain truths:

  • We all  learn. At the end of the day, we aren't here just to walk around and sightsee, you are here to learn to take great pictures. I will pour my entire being into making sure we all learn. I coach you to being a better photographer. I learn from you as I witness the way you see and interpret everything around us.
  • We love this stuff. It is infused into the way I teach and coach. It is what fuels me during every class I teach. If I sense you love your craft as much as I do, we create an energy that propels us both to do more than we would have imagined alone.
  • We have fun. This isn't a boring classroom. We are out in the beautiful locations of the city. We are taking pictures. It doesn't get any better than this. Let's have fun!

Why PhotoTour DC?

  • More than 98% of our attendees reported they were Very satisfied/Satisfied after their excursion. 
  • The one reason cited most often is the small groups, which provide better opportunities for individual coaching support
  • This is the most comprehensive workshops outside a classroom.
  • Continuous learning. The Photo Mentoring Club offers continuous learning and growth opportunities.
  • Join the community - Shutterbug Excursions offers a chance to shoot and share with like minds.

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